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People come to coaching for several reasons: They could be “stuck” and can’t think of what else to do in order to move the organization forward; there may not be anyone at their level that they can have confidential conversations with, or they believe if they were to change/improve something within themselves, the greater organization would benefit.

Coaching Packages 

  • Leadership Coaching (30 - 60 Hours)     

  • Team Coaching (30-60 hours)     

  • Developmental Coaching (8-15 hours)     

  • School Building Leader(s) Coaching (Blended Model: Coaching/Consulting)     

  • School District Leader Coaching (Blended Model: Coaching/Consulting)     

  • Work/Life Balance Coaching (10-30 hours)     

  • Wellness Coaching (10-30 hours)     


Research shows school and district leaders are major factors in successful schools. 2018 National Blue Ribbon School Principal and Terrel Bell National Award Winner Dr. Reginald Landeau will work with school or district leaders to create a customized program for school/district improvement.

School/District Improvement Packages

  • Reachable and Obtainable Vision/Mission Planning

  • Elementary/Middle/High School Evaluation and Planning

  • School Principal Consultation/Mentoring

  • Assistant/Vice Principal Consultation

  • District Administration Consultation

  • Instructional Improvement Team Mentoring

  • Data Package


We provide keynote speaking and workshop presentation services. You may choose from any of the following suggested topics, or we can customize a presentation to suit your organization's individual needs.

Keynote Packages      

  • Get a Life...Without Sacrificing Your Career

  • Are You Headed For an Energy Crisis?

  • Creating a Coaching Culture Organization

  • Visions Are Overrated (Creating a Brand That Fits)

  • What Dreams Are Made Of

  • Work/Life Balance in the 21st Century

  • Managing Up and Down

  • Transitional Leadership

  • Worst to National Blue Ribbon Award Winning School

  • Manage Your Time, Live Your Best Life


At a time when the nation is struggling with obesity and chronic illness, health and wellness coaching is an evidenced-based approach to restoring and maintaining health. Organizational leaders are the proprietors of some of the worst health records in our nation. 

Research shows that although most people have a strong desire to improve their health, only 1 out of 10 people can effectively change and maintain their health/wellness habits without the aid of an accountability partner.

At Inspire Leadership, we can assist by being that accountability partner who can help:

  • Identify issues/concerns

  • Discuss options

  • Set up plan(s) for improvement

  • Check on progress and adjust plan(s) when necessary

Wellness Packages:

  • Wellness Coaching (10-30 hours)

  • Work/Life Balance Coaching (10-30 hours)

  • Customized Wellness Planning for Individual Physical Improvement (Workout Plan, Eating Plan, Sleep/Rest Plan)

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