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Keynote Speaking

Purely inspirational keynote speakers don’t change their audience in 45 minutes. They can entertain, they can inspire, but these effects are short-lived. By the time conference attendees return home, few obtained concrete benefits from that kind of speech.

At Inspire Leadership, we deliver keynotes that inspire the audience and also incorporate real takeaways attendees can use afterwards. We call it “purposeful learning keynote addresses”. We begin by asking a series of questions to ensure we model our keynote and/or workshops to bring out optimal effects on the client we serve:

  • What are you trying to accomplish for the keynote address?

  • What kind of keynote speaker does the event need?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What takeaway(s) would you like the attendees to leave with?

We also have experience presenting to large (1800+) and small (as few as 5-10) groups. Our experience has led us to establish, alter, and fine-tune presentations on the following topics:

  • Leadership Development

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Performance Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Wellness

  • Improving Culture/Climate

  • Time Management

  • Managing Up/Down

  • Personal Development

  • School Leadership

  • Student Achievement

Below are a set of highly successful, pre-packaged keynote addresses and workshops. Each topic can be tailor-made to fit your organization’s desired results. Contact us for more in-depth subject matter for any/all packages.

Please Note: We can also create custom-made packages for your organization based on your topic, audience, and proposed outcome(s).

Keynote Packages

Get a Life...Without Sacrificing Your Career

(Leadership Development)

Creating a Coaching Culture Organization (Coaching, Leadership Development)

Work/Life Balance in the 21st Century

(Wellness, Work/Life Balance, Leadership Development)

Are You Headed for an Energy Crisis?
(Wellness, Work/Life Balance, Leadership Development)

Vision Is Overrated-Creating a Brand That Fits

(Branding, Leadership Development, Improving Culture)

Managing Up and Down

(Leadership Development)

Secret Sauce for Effective School Leadership

(School Leadership, Student Achievement )

Manage Your Time, Live Your Best Life

(Time Management, Leadership Development)

Managing Star Performers and Underperformers

(Leadership Development)

The Dinner Party

(Leadership Development, Improving Culture/Climate)

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